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Could simply be a design feature. The Elysian has what looks like a flagpole on top also.
The other thing to notice the next time you’re in the area is all the mobile phone masts on the R&H Hall silos. When these are demolished there will be a need for the masts to be located elsewhere. I’d say many of the new tall buildings in the area will see masts on them.

Yea that image seems to be the Water Street bridge which they want to build after the Eastern Gateway Bridge.

That building is quite tall, could it be that that ‘needle’/pylon is to push it over the height of the Elysian, to become the tallest building in the Republic? (though, of course, by the time any of this is built, it may not be).

I like the fact that they’ve avoided going for a tedious row of 6/7 floor blocks along the river front (Dublin, I’m looking at you) but there’s a lot of variety in height and shape. And that tower is a bit quirky. Chances are, of course, it’ll be decimated in planning anyhow, and come out a boring 10 floor lump. 😡

Also – isn’t the Water Street bridge quite low in that render? Of course, it’s just a render, and the angle could be deceiving too; but it looks far too low to let a lot of boats in. I don’t know if it’s planned to be a swing bridge, but they won’t want to have to open the bridge every time anyone sails up the river.

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