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Spinal Tap

@who_me wrote:

In the US, they’d relish the idea of competition, and would thoroughly look at all proposals.

In the US, they’d be far, far more wary of investing public money in a private project.

In the US, there would be blue murder if the media were ejected from the discussion of public funding.

I honestly think it’s the best site for the centre, and the size, while not the largest, isn’t too small. But why oh why do we have to have this idiotic veil of secrecy. These public-private ventures sound risky enough as is, but without any openness and transparency how on Earth are we to trust those holding the public purse strings?

And like in the U.S. if the other consortia think that their proposals are all that sustainable they would go and build it on their own.You have massive arenas – stadia sitting all over cities there competing for events – does the public care – No – they benifit from having a choice yes a choice of events centres.

Some colleges there have better facilities than entire cities here.

Screw the media – Do they really care ? Any thing proposed for planning in Cork City 0ve 2/3 stories appears in the Echo “MANHATTAN FOR BLACKPOOL” etc.

It will all come out in the wash anyway – Cork needs this facility 10 years ago and anything that the City Council can do to make it happen must be welcomed.

The public money will be paid back tenfold in rates,taxes,contributions.

Does anybody on earth trust those who hold the public purse strings ?

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