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@Spinal Tap wrote:

In the U.S. we would build these things and if its a good design and in demand by the community they were the people who determined its ultimate success.

Cork needs dynamism and developments like this must be welcome.

See any of the previous proposals for the Clarion Lapps Quay Site an dyou will be glad that Howards got involved.

They may not be perfect but they get things done.

In the US, they’d relish the idea of competition, and would thoroughly look at all proposals.

In the US, they’d be far, far more wary of investing public money in a private project.

In the US, there would be blue murder if the media were ejected from the discussion of public funding.

I honestly think it’s the best site for the centre, and the size, while not the largest, isn’t too small. But why oh why do we have to have this idiotic veil of secrecy. These public-private ventures sound risky enough as is, but without any openness and transparency how on Earth are we to trust those holding the public purse strings?

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