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Let’s say for the sake of argument that the coca-cola 500ml contour botle is a “good” piece of architecture, and the pepsi-cola 500ml bottle is a “bad” piece of architecture (not that I find either one particularly attractive or offencive, but bear with me) the coca-cola bottle is curvatious and elegant, the pepsi is dumb, akward and unrefined, so to boost sales pepsi give 50% extra free (you know the ones I’m talking about) so now the bottle is dumb, akward, unrefined, bulbus and fat. The NCC is like the pepsi bottle, its ugly, but no one would notice as much if it wasn’t so monsterously big. It’s like someone in the office blew everything up 200% on the photocopier and no one picked up on it before it went to site.
I’m afraid I can’t take anyone seriously who defends this project. It is genuninely offencive e to suggent that this…. thing as any architectural merit.

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