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Incidentally, on that day I encountered two very well-known journalists – who shall remain nameless – who approached the model after sitting through the video promo, full-on explanation and presentation, and laden with enough glossy literature to line the walls of the said centre, neither with so much as a bull’s clue as to where the place was, what it was to house, who designed it, or indeed even the chequered saga of the whole proposal. Indeed the NCC rep there didn’t seem to know very much either, and it ended up with myself and another chap explaining the scheme to them. Thought it summed up quite neatly the commitment to the built environment in the Irish media. The abiding memory of the day is: “oh – so this is the Liffey then?”


Off topic but in a similar vein, they had the times journalist who wrote about the nesbitt take over of arnotts on morning ireland last week, he went on about the size and scope of the northern quarter development and Aine asked him, well where is this northern quarter located then: between henry street and parnell street, something like that, oh i amn’t reallty sure, he replied!

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