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a boyle

@Thomond Park wrote:

As both Luas lines display neither has sufficient capacity and the interconnector will represent as a parralell version of the metro whilst serious congestion can be expected on the Sandyford line.

the current luas lines can have it’s capacity doubled if city centres car restrictions are put in place that will be enough@Thomond Park wrote:

I don’t think that existing users of the Maynooth commuter service would accept this as most of them continue their journey beyond Connolly and this would make DART connection impossible in a single change.

Because forcing a single change for the commuters from maynooth allow the current capacity to quadruple (in conjunction with the interconnector) it is fair and reasonable.@Thomond Park wrote:

This exists already what do you think Spencer Dock was prior to development?

spencer dock is only half grade seperated. If it is made fully grade seperated there is potential for 100 thousand per hour per direction which is impressive compared with the underground tram that tops out at 25 thousand.

Thomond Park wrote:
Where are the 90m trams? If 90m island platforms were introduced entire alignments would have to be taken out of service and reinstatement would result in long closure periods as statutory safety periods were observed] What are you talking about ? the ninety metre trams is what the rpa want to build to the airport : two trams stuck back to back. A phenomenal waste of a tunnel.

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