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a boyle

Denouncer I don’t think you are still apreciating the scale of what is proposed.

I do feel your pain with respect to traffic. I live at the southern edge of the city. going into the city used to take (walking included) between 1-2 hours. With the tram (walking included) 25 mins every time, not a minute more.

this is the scale of the thing : a good bus service (46A) can do 1500 people per hour in one direction. the luas as is 4000. (although both could be upped to around 6000). This underground tram will have a top capacity of 28000.

Dundrum has 15 new appartment block ranging in height from 4 – 11 storeys. sandyford (industrial estate) has had application for enormous 23 storey appartement blocks.

Whether a tram is built or an underground system is built will have no impact on how fast you get to work.

But if this underground tram is built . It is unavoidable that the bulk of growth for dublin will be concentrated north of the airport. It won’t be pretty.

I would ask you to at the very least hold your counsel till the port tunnel is opened. because that is going to be fantastic for you. There are already motions in progress for buses to use it.

What i am proposing is a tram that follows the current route plus a spur from the airport to the dart line. This is much cheaper, can carry more people to more places in the long run . And wont have a 50 storey tower block in swords . If you would like to see how 30 storey tower blocks work out in practice at the edge of a city , check out La defense in paris.

Denouncer if you don’t start campaigning for a sensible solution you will be shafted in the long run (just like the happy people in meath who won’t know what hit them when the M3 is finished).

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