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The Denouncer

Originally posted by a boyle
It is also a fact that the port tunnel provides an enormous amount of space for a bus service to fly people in and out of the city,swords, and the airport. Finnally buses using the port tunnel will get to the city faster than the tram. This was not, i repeat not examined by the consultants when examining the case for the metro north .

It is quite clearly a gift from de taoiseach to de north side.

It is so wastefull and will have such little impact for the first 15 years of operation that if we continue this discussion much further i might just explode!!!

Well the southside has de LUAS, the Westside has de LUAS, the East coast has de DART.
I for one CANNOT WAIT for de Metro, as I live in Swords. I currently drive to Donabate to catch de train..Donabate with a tiny population compared to Swords, a growing, crowded town (the capital of Fingal) served by Airport feeding bus routes in most cases, taking up to 1.5 hours to get into the City Centre.
As for de Port Tunnel..that will be a jam packed route off the M1, during peak hours would take 40 minutes to get that far from an Airport serving bus from Swords and then what? Chaos. the stink that will be kicked up by truckers..the congestion..WELCOME TO DUBLIN tourists, here is the famous PORT TUNNEL from hell.

So “a boyle”, let me light de fuse!

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