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Nice to See CG now empty in the mornings.

Other than impending death from speeding buses you could easily just walk across it’s open space, nay bother.

It is a great location for a public square/ Luas Interchange.

And to think if the Bank of Ireland was actually a Public building like it’s historic origin then it would be open to the Green and offer even more space.

Dame Street and Westmoreland street also are important and spacious.

Large Pedestrain Corridor’s connecting with the Extensive waste of development on OC would also help.

Connect all of the cities main Throughfares and pedestrianised area’s.

I’ve read the odd statistic here and there that Grafton Street may see the largest footfall but see’s less actual shopping due to it’s more expensive nature. Where as Henry street, a far dirtier and just as crowded cousin see’s a lot more shopping.

If all of them were connected with the Two wide street’s of Westmoreland and D’Olier Included it could be a full on shopping and transport Corridor creating a Connected “City Centre”.

Culture wise Grafton Street is the New “city centre” while O’Connel Street is the Historic one. If what lies in between recieved a connected development it would make a City Centre.

Also surrounding area’s Deserve inclusion, Such as Temple Bar, “Temple Bar South” which despite not being on the map’s exists with all it’s back streets and connections between Grafton Street and George’s Street/Camden Street etc.

Westmoreland Street, College Green, Parts of Pearse Street and D’Olier Street Also deserve to be connected and developed.

Hawkins street, that little bus filled lane should also see development.

The Entire Stiene Area should also be included. Ie DESTROY the god awful DOHC, Apollo house, and it’s neighbours. That whole block, other than the Screen Cinema is a waste.

It could be a beuatiful Public space with amienaties instead it’s a big brown box carton block that really doesn’t belong there.

One Large nice glass tower on one side with a public space with shops surrounding it with a smaller promanade or balcony area above them with Cafe’s and bar’s surrounding the public space.

Turn it into a atractive place to wait for buses and to shop in the city centre. It also mean’s theres more closer to the cities transport hubs instead of abandoned buildings, grotty towers and a few choice pubs.

With Just a bit of repaving, and even just 1 block of redevelopment you could reconnect all of this area and change it’s importance and make it a city centre.

Luas service’s would also help support such a development.:rolleyes:

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