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em, Kefu…that exact opinion is what allowed O’Connell Street to turn into the big, dirty, smelly dump full of tacky convenience stores and fast-food outlets that it is today!!! O.K. O.K., so they’ve tried to spruce to street up a bit, but until there’s actually a reason to go TO O’Connell Street rather than simply pass THROUGH the street to get to Henry Street, then it’ll never be the grand, majestic, fashionable boulevard which the Council, and almost eveyone else I’d presume, want it to be.
You should also note Kefu that major cities all over the world have extremely strict guidelines concerning what goes where in their prime city-centre locations. London is a good example, where Oxford Street has strict limits relating to the location of fast-food stores on the street, as the London authorities recognise that the street needs to remain a retail-based shopping destination. If fast-food outlets want to set up shop in the capital then they simply go to Leister Square or wherever.
I don’t know why so many people have difficulty understanding the benefits of some light regualtion regarding the opening of shops in the cty centre. Everything else in our lives is regulated by the government in some shape or form, so why not this?

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