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Aha, I was wondering too. Very nice presentation effect indeed.

Just as Dame Street has often popped into this thread, many stretches of this grand old thoroughfare are sadly going to pot in respect of shopfronts and the wider public realm. This farcical vista presents itself to visitors and citizens alike on the so-called, officially-termed Grand Civic Thoroughfare of the city as one approaches the historic environs of City Hall and Dublin Castle.

If ever there was a doubt in anybody’s mind that all principal streets in the city centre should be Architectural Conservation Areas, this stands as but one example of many as to why things simply must change. Not that most of this signage is legal under even standard planning controls, but ACA status (in theory anyway) at least affords much greater development control on the part of the local authority, and gives reason to carry out (in theory) much more rigorous monitoring of these areas. Parliament Street, Westmoreland Street and Grafton Street are experiencing a scourge of similar tawdry tat which needs to be stamped out hard if we are to achieve anything remotely like this oft-touted ‘quality city’. We’re not even at the starting line.

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