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Dublin city centre businesses say plans to introduce a car ban at College Green in five months’ time will create unemployment in the retail sector.

The proposal is also being opposed by some councillors, with the leader of the Fine Gael group describing the plan as madness.

Council officials want to impose the so-called Bus Gate in College Green in July before enabling works begin for Metro North.

The plan would involve a ban on general traffic going to or from Dame Street by the introduction of the public transport-only gate.

It would also involve enhanced pedestrian and cycling facilities.

Tom Coffey of the Dublin City Centre Business Association said 70% of retail business comes from car shoppers, who will now go elsewhere if they cannot travel around the city.

He said his members are not going to accept a situation where the city’s economy is being damaged by civil servants who do not know what they are doing.

He said car shoppers visit the city off-peak and do not contribute to congestion.

Fine Gael councillor Gerry Breen said the scheme is madness because there are doubts over the Metro North project.

He said the scheme is being pushed by Dublin Bus who has ‘failed to step up to the mark’ with the bus corridors they have already been given.

The proposal is due to be considered by the council’s Transport Committee next Thursday.

5 months sounds so near… but

i don’t drive can anyone tell me how pedestrianising college green will prevent people driving to shop in town

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