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Alek Smart

Yup….sickle shelters….I suppose it made sense to somebody in authority or perhaps they were on holliers to some part of the civilized world and came upon similar contriviances….

Several dotted along the N11 QBC.. one at the Goat Bar and no doubt a few more too.
Idea was It seems to promote local cycle useage as a means of getting to and from the “Showcase” QBC`s.

However,from their very first appearance the native Irish displayed their mistrust of such foreign influence on their streetscape by systematically destroying them.
Essentially this merely entailed stripping off the sheets of plexiglass and eating them,or in some particularly inventive cases,burning them instead.

The Tubular Steel frames are however still dotted about the place having,thus far,proven impervious to standard hooliganism.

The reaction of the “Erecting Authorities” has in equally true Irish practice been to ignore it.

Thus,we see former US Police Chief John Timoney`s theory about the “Broken Pane of Glass” syndrome proven yet again…..

Leave the broken pane unattended and the entire window will soon follow,then the wall,before eventually the entire building falls to the ground.

One need look no further then last nights Halloween aftermath for examples of where we collectively are headed,as destruction of the most wanton kind is beningly smiled upon by a nation hell bent on enjoyin itself…… 😀

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