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@GrahamH wrote:

You see, this is what is so frustrating about this city &#8211]

Could not agree with you more Graham.

@gunter wrote:

Like cgcsb, It seems improbable to me that Line F won’t end up being extended eastward to the south docks, or Poolbeg ultimately, and it would seem insane, but hardly unprecedented, to be planning College Green as a tram cul-de-sac.

Even contemplating a second east west alignment to the docks, less than 5 minutes walk from that currently under construction is a nonsense.

@gunter wrote:

Within Dame Street / College Green the Heritage Officer of DCC must be consulted on the status and remaking of College Green as a ‘Civic Space’ and a Civic Space Framework Plan should be prepared by the RPA in conjunction with DCC. As Trinity Street will in future be the last point of access to this area for general traffic, other than public transport, it is recommended that the last stop for Line F be located just west of the Foster Place South/Church Lane junction (with an emergency turn back point for cars). Beyond that point an engineering link only to the Luas line BX track would be feasible.’

Good to hear that they are on some level conscious of the obvious sensitivities at CG.

Missarchi did you photoshop that tricolor in there ?

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