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@gunter wrote:

I don’t know which routes you’re suggesting, I can’t find good alternative routes, that’s the problem. Bearing in mind that if you pick a route that has a high loading of traffic, including bus traffic, already on it, like the Quays for example, the bulk of this displaced traffic will have to be accommodated on an alternative route and one travelling in much the same direction.

Perhaps ‘multiple alternatives’ was overstating it, but there are alternatives.

The nonsense that is BX should run around the back of Trinity, as discussed at length before. If DCC insist on giving us this Hawkins Street bridge within pissing distance of O’Connell bridge, at the very least it should be used to accommodate bx, which should then run up marlborough & spare OCS itself.

As for line F, I can see no logic whatsoever in running it down Dame St, once it serves Lucan Village, Liffey Valley, Ballyfermot, Inchicore & Kilmainham, surely it should utilise the red line from Heuston, providing a direct link from West Dublin to OCS, IFSC, NCC & Point.

Instead the RPA propose another batch of An Larism by terminating it at Trinity – how exactly are they proposing to facilitate a turn back ?

@gunter wrote:

I’m already not comfortable with the existing Luas trams avoiding thoroughfares in favour of going down narrow side streets like Benburb street, it just doesn’t feel right.

Thats where we differ, I feel luas should utilise side streets, for its own benefit. Luas functions much better where it is properly segregated with dediated road space, it is forced to travel at painfully slow speeds in the few instances where it has to share road space under the current set up.

Clearly the RPA are intent on making their mark on every major artery in this city, their proposed route options map for line F is hilarious.

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