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Yes Graham, I really enjoyed that.

Heres the latest planning application affecting the store. As you mentioned the entrance doors are being removed and replaced with modern stainless steel jobies. Bronze would be much more suitable in keeping with the display windows. The display windows are also being changed. No decison has been made on this yet.

Planning Permission is being sought by Clery & Co. (1941) Plc for alterations to the O, Connell Street/West facing elevation of Clerys, No. 18-27 O’ Connell Street, Dublin 1, which is a protected structure, together with internal alterations to the existing window display areas of O’ Connell Street & Sackville Place. The alterations involve the following works; Replacement of the 3 existing reproduction traditional style wood and glass panel main entrance, corner entrance and side/north entrance doors, with proposed frameless glass doors with frameless glass fixed panels above; Installation of removable stainless steel bollards to public pavement in front of proposed frameless glass main entrance, corner entrance and side/north entrance doors; Removal of existing reproduction traditional style wood and glass panel inner lobby doors at main and corner entrances; Removal of existing window display areas and construction of new window display areas, with removal of part of the original traditional wood and glass screens, presently concealed within the stud walls of the existing window display areas. Remainder of original traditional screens will be concealed within new stud walls of the new window display areas.

It would be great to see some investment going into Sackville Place. There is no reason why it cant become a more attractive street. An exansion of Clerys into that concrete lump at the Malbrough Street end would be a good more – it could be linked to the main store across the rear lane. Clerys could redevelop it for use by a big brand. This in turn would stimulate the depressingly rundown Malborough Street.

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