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@OisinT wrote:

I totally agree that Dublin Central must happen for the economy and OCS’s future. I think it should be something looking towards the future and very grand and cool… but I just do not agree with the ski-slope design I’ve seen around. Oh well, I guess it would be better than what is there now.

Agreed, it seems to have shifted a few times though:

and now

I preferred the former in shape but the latter is facing the right direction (towards the Liffey). I’d like to see a tilted circular design though, would be nicer for a park.

Either way, so long as it’s big enough, it’ll be spectacular and a draw.

Any news on progress? Any ETA? I happen to like O’Connell Street a lot now, but with these developments in place there’s no doubt that it’s going to be pretty damn excellent in a few years.

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