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There really needs to be some excellent architecture here though, not simply a suburban style shopping mall or even the large scale boxes proposed for parts of the Arnotts site. I would expect to see a lot of high quality stonework and some key feature corners and facades to integrate the whole complex into the street. I am VERY excited to see what is proposed. Its curious that very few details of the scheme have leaked into the public domain.

Incidentially I thought Joe O’Reilly made some pertinent observations in his submssion to the RPA on Metro North. Just as the St Stephen’s Green Centre would be the ideal spot to develop the interchange station between DART Underground, Metro, Luas and bus (knocking the existing and redeveloping), the “Carlton” site should also be seen as a valuable working area for metro in this part of town. Could they even start the boring tunnel here (each way) and use the whole site as a works area for the city. There would be a lot less impact.

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