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@Bago wrote:
….. ……., moore st has developed organically and i love this street, probably one of the most interesting in Dublin, i’d love to see the streets behind redeveloped into a high density residential area, a warren of small independent shops and restaurants like you’d find off las ramblas or tokyo backstreets. But no, the british high street’s gonna punch it’s way through to the ilac mall dressed in chrome, glass, aluminium and every sterile contemporary accessary going.

Yes, I agree.
Moore St. cetainly has developed organically with all dem apples, oranges, peaches, pears and bananas.
I think the design should be organically sustainable, with lots of authentic historical ruins, tastefully decorated with ivy and with some nice sepia-tinted framed photographs.
There should be lots of bunny rabbits, like in the books. It should smell nice as well and have lots of fluffy bits. I certainly hope they don’t let in any of those nasty northsiders with their horses and smelly tracksuits! 😮

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