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Gosh, I’m amazed at the amount of bad feeling that people have towards O’Connell St. I know it has long been a kip and there are a lot of dodgy types around there (I’ve had my wallet stolen 3 times on that street) but I LOVE those 20th century buildings – ones that were built by the Free State government. I never used to give a crap about Irish history but now that I know a bit about it I love walking up and down O’Connell Street. It evokes Free State, 1920s and 1930s Ireland for me. I love the Gresham, The Carlton, The Savoy, Clerys, Ulster Bank etc. Dr .Quirkeys is absolutely sickeningly disgusting, however, and the present use for the Carlton – especially in terms of the signage! – is an absolute disgrace. Buildings like that are of such social historical (if that makes sense) significance and should be considered as such. Also, I think the Dublin Bus HQ is okay, it’s design represents what was happening architecturally (I presume) in it’s era, it has stained glass designed by Evie Hone on it’s frontage and I really like that!

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