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@OisinT wrote:

I wasn’t aware that ACA designation was placed on Fingal Co.Co., an empty space and Dr. Quirkey’s… off the top of my head I’m not sure what else they were planning on demolishing there.
Plus, if what they’re demolishing is a totally derelict building with ACA protection – we need to get real. Is it worth protecting if it is just going to be derelict garbage?

ACA applies to the whole street and surrounding area.
I totally agree Oisin, and basically it seems that the ACA order itself should be changed to allow this, and its a specific order applying to O’connell street so changing it would not affect any other ACA areas.
Otherwise the architects will have to blend the new site into the existing streets and hide all of the shiny stuff from view, oh and leave out the park and other unique features.
That would be a pity and would be DCC’s silliness at fault.’Connell%20Street%20ACA.pdf

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