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Thanks again for your replies.

Sorry i should have been a bit clearer. The road opposite is wide enough for fire engines and bin lorries. but i don’t think it would fit two cars. It is a small council development that was built yrs ago. Before everyone owned 2 cars!

I looked at development plan and found this relating to backland developement

Adequate vehicular access generally of a width of not
less than 3.5 metres must be provided to the proposed
new dwelling. A separation distance between the
nearer edge of the proposed accessway and the
side/gable of the existing dwelling should generally be
not less than 3 metres. In general to satisfy this criteria,
a side garden width of 6.5 metres would be necessary.

I am not sure what it means?? Assuming they knocked the house attached to me to make the road, does it mean that the side nearest to me needs to be at least 3 metres from the side of my house?

thanks again for all advice!

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