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jesus that’s ridiculous. Can’t imagine a grant but don’t take that as anything other than one uninformed anonymous opinion.No need for a consultant. Just a well structured letter will suffice outlining everything you ob ject to. A few pointers without knowing the details:

– established redidential character is extremely important
– use the term “detrimental to the residential amenity” which will be contrary to the development plan
– if no precedent exists highlight this
– New accesses to the public road can be difficult to get
– will the access have sufficient sightlines etc? Is it close to another junction, high walls, vegetation etc?
– Look at parking arrangements
– Overlooking may occur depending on the garden length

Have a look at the developemt plan’s development standards section for any pointers. Talk to the applicant. Study the application in the COuncil office or online. It sounds like a daft plan but often these are the ones that and up granted. come back to us and let us know how it goes

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