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I’m developing a very jaundiced opinion of thsi present government, particularly Phil Hogan. I think he and they need to be taken out.

My reason for wanting the government out and someone like Sinn Féin in is as follows:

The other, more targeted reason is as follows –

This draconian, inappropriately framed law is Fine Gael putting the boot into our profession, a profession that sits at the head of the Building Industry, an industry which is seen as a Fianna Fáil stronghold.

The longer this recession continues, the more people there are out of work in the building industry, the more likely it is they will emigrate and cement the power base of Fine Gael. And of course with no resurgence from an economic sector that supports a lot of unskilled labour and people who may only work every now and again, Fine Gael might be forgiven for thinking that this could affect Labour and Sinn Féin as well.

Under other circumstances it might. But people here are fighting back in many ways, striving to survive in their own land. This government may only last another year, if what I hear on the ground is goign to happen. The truth will be seen in this referendum.

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