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Actually the most appropriate thing to do would be to introduce determination into the regulation process. In other words fund it as it shoudl be with all drawings being submitted at the same time to the local authority for planning control, fire safety, envrionmental compliance and disability access. Following various discussions regarding all of the above planning is given and then to ensure building compliance regular inspections by the building surveyor from the LA at critical stages. No need for separate opinions of compliance (as they are only opinions), No need for penalties as strict compliance issues are caught firstly at applicaiton stage and then at execution. Not rocket science….. Also there is the confidence that the LA would then be the single aribter of interpretations……some consistency. And before everyone starts shouting about incompetence at LAs and a lack of ambition or innovaiton, if the Minister is interested or serious then it should be supported, funded and paid for. Planning fees and contributions would then have a trasnperent function as is required by the Local Government and Planning Acts…….

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