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St. Michael’s, Blackrock, Co. Cork, 1818

This church was destroyed by fire in January 1962 and subsequently replaced by a nondescript modern one.

From the photographs here, we see that the High Altar had a typical Serliana tripartite form. However, as with all of Br. O’Riordan’s churches, it had been altered prior to 1962 by a new central altar with a high pinacle requiring the re-hanging of the crucifixion picture (a further copy of Guido Reni’s work either in San Lorenzo in Lucina in Rome or in the Este collection). It also appears that the flanking pendants have been replaced by statues in niches – as in Passage West.

The external photographs show the typical retro-sacristy, east bell-cote with rope entering the sacristy (as for example is still the case in Doneraile).

The facade is interesting in that it appears to be something of a composition integrating elements of Doneraile (1827) and Kinsale with a much more clearly define door frame. The dedicatory stone is positioned as in other examples of O’Riordan’s work. The window is clearly not original. The holy water stoops are typical. The Cross is an example of the kind that originally was found on the pinnacle of Doneraile. The urns are similar to those found on the fcade of Millstreet church.

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