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St Patrick’s Church, Fermoy, Co. Cork

This church may also belong to O’Riordan’s oeuvre. It was built in the classical style c. 1817. In 1847 it was extended and its interior and exterior was gothesized by Pugin and Ashlin in 1867.

Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary of 1837 describes this church as follows: “The chapel, a spacious and handsome edifice on an eminence, was erected by subscription, towards which the late Mr. Anderson contributed the site rent-free and £500; the altar-piece, of light tracery, is embellished with a good painting of the Crucifixion”.

An early 19th. century print showing the classical church is in existence but I have been unable to loacte it so far. In the meantime, I enclose two old photographs of the exterior and interior showing it after having been clad in a neogothic shell.

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