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Praxiteles wrote:
Some shots of the interior of the Pantheon showing the High Altar, an arch flanked by two side altars all linked by a continuing cornice. While the High Altar has corinthian columns, the entrance opposite is framed by two side altars between corinthian pilasters.[/QUOTE

Ugh who would be bothered visiting it with all those crowds, which I’m sure are perpetual.

What a lovely group O’Riordan’ churches are, particularly Kinsale, with it’s quite brilliant plasterwork, -pity the altar has been opened up. These churches were built on the pennys of the poor- In contemporary times, the church is flooded with cash and instead of finishing the work started by previous generations- completing the decoration schemes, adding the plasterwork so grossly missing from most of the buildings, furnishing them with quality sculptures and paintings, and in general embellishing them- what do we do? We leave them in the hands of imbeciles to use as arts and crafts projects.

St Patrick’s, Waterford

Are there any known O’Riordan churches in the South East?

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