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The following pictures should help to illustrate what will happen in Bantry were the Crucufixion picture to be removed and a “simple golden cross” put in its place:

1. St. John the Baptist in Kinsale with its Altar piece still in place and central focus of the church and sanctuary

2. St Patrick’s Dunmanway which has lost its Altar piece and where an inappropriate mural has been painted which is incapable of asserting itself sufficiently to be a central focus.

3. St. Colman’s Church, Balintotas, Midleton, where the aALtar piece has completely disappeared along with the lateral pictures leaving a complete blank.

4. The Chapel of the Ursuline Convent in Blackrock which is the only extant building that can be ascribed to Br. O’Riordan with certainty since the foundation inscription describes him as the architect.

5. And this is what John Lynch (a member of the inglorious Cloyne HACK) did to Killavullen discarding the Altar Piece in his Bhudhasization of the sanctuary.

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