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So, are you :

A. Demonstrating that the instinct towards grasping gombeenry is inherently stronger in brickies’ union officials than their love of good workmanship .

B. Implicitly complimenting the Bricklayers Guild on its acumen, while conveying to us a template for profitable purchase engagements with the Corpo in similar situations .

C. Impugning the professional ethics of lawyers for both the Guild and the Corpo who may have been complicit in agreeing a settlement far in excess of the true compensation on the basis of a visibly humbug claim .

D. Asserting a basis for successful post facto litigation against the Guild in view of its failure to fulfil the intentions implied in its compensation deal with the Corpo .

E. Bewailing yet another past transgression of an Irish local authority in relation to property sale or purchase .

If E. is the correct answer, then why not discuss instead the much more entertaining story of the Phoenix Park Wall contract ? :thumbup:

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