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No. 83 Merrion Square. Without question the grubby institutional look emerged c. 1870, with sheet glass windows and a quick-fix colourwash, in what is an otherwise immaculate collection of yellow brick houses.

The same on Fitzwilliam Street (centre).

The same directly across the road (left).

Likewise on Herbert Street with similar Victorian modifications.

Baggot Street. Both buildings were Victorianised (the left-hand one has reproduction Georgian sashes probably replacing Victorian).

Another on Baggot Street (mid-right). Again this yellow brick house was Victorianised with a red wash and plate sashes. The current windows are Georgian reproduction, with plate still surviving to the rear. Neighbouring yellow houses survive as intended.

Likewise at this prominent corner. Victorian fingers all over it.

As with this house (right) on Upper Mount Street. More Victorian modification of the original design intention.

Another institutional wash-n-sheet makeover on Merrion Square.

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