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What I meant in my original post was the sort of brand-shaped buildings in the suburban areas.
These often using entirely foreign architectural motifs in the same exaggerated way that Disney used the Richardsonian Romanesque style for the Disneyland house.

The metropolitan McDonald’s / BurgerKings etc are nowhere near as outrageous as the suburban ones, although some of them are bad enough in some places.

This sort of abuse of planners (that’s what it really is as the planner is afraid to be accused of denying people new jobs if the commercial applicant sulks off somewhere else) is not the sole preserve of fast food companies.
MFI, Homebase, multi-screen cinema complexes (what a comedown from the grand old art deco picturehouses of the past), supermarkets and car showrooms are all getting in on this act.

Can anyone tell me what the brown boarding across the top of the McDonald’s windows is for ?

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