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Having followed this discussion in the past, I was again reminded of the potential of the bonded warehouse buildings in Cork when I saw how similar waterside structures in Sydney have been transformed to become boutique restaurants and craft shops, of immense benefit to local tourism.

Note the (new) canopies and the ships masts adding to the maritime feel. There is an historical tall ship, the Svanen, moored outside these warehouses, just out of frame to the left of the above picture. It’s a shame the likes of the Jeanie Johnston is now based in Dublin and we have nothing of the kind to display in our fledgling docklands development area.

Another perspective:
And another:

Background info:
Detail listing on NSW heritage office website:

It seems that elsewhere in the world people actually give a damn about these historical buildings and can see the potential that lies within. When you see these buildings up close it is remarkable how similar (if not by design then by background) they are to the warehouses in Cork which are now in such a disgraceful state. How can those responsible for planning the multi-billion euro docklands strategy be given any credibility when such a central focal point of the city’s character is allowed to fall into such disrepair?

Wouldn’t it be great if the bonded warehouses in Cork could be carefully restored and protected and used for a tourism/leisure use like these?
What else can be done by the ordinary public to put pressure on the responsible parties?

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