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So here is my story along these lines, I had some people visiting from Singapore and they all wanted to see Bewley’s, heard about the atmosphere, open all night, fully of lively characters, historic, etc, I brought them and they loved the open fires and the windows, but god was the food and organization embarrassing. The staff were always lovely, but the way it was organized was terrible. I used to use Bewley’s quite often, it is between work and my son’s creche, and it was always, always, infuriating.
The reason Bewley’s didn’t make money was because Cambell’s weren’t happy with a moderate income, they wanted a substancial income and so ended up making a loss. If the city bought it, I am sure it could be run at a profit, just not as great a profit as a clothes shop would make in the same place.

Dublin City Councillors have passed motions to preserve Bewley’s unanimously, all those who spoke were unanimous in their support, it was passed without dissent 🙂

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