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I agree actually with you there. it is an institution and so much could be done with it. new, classy managment should be bought in, and stop seving the awful coffee. but i supppose its far to late now.

What’s the holy grail about Harvey Nicks, especially as it would be such a small branch, it would be just like BTs anyway. Dublin is mad to let Bewley’s go, even if management was crap etc, with the correct management the place should be able to knock starbucks into a cocked hat. This should be a Heritage project, like the Crown in Belfast, listed as a cafe. Of maybe a Conran restaurant (I wonder if he’s looked it over. ) A shop has a completely different relationship with its users thatn a cafe or restaurant. Dublin has become just another High Street UK. Shame

totally agree.
Dublin in my opinion needs to try and stop being another ‘UK’city, which it effectively has become, and evolve an actual world capital, with its own originalities. I draw back what i said about Harvey Nicks.

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