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Rory W
SavebewleysCafe wrote:
Rory your sense of humour is always well apreciated and well directed, but do you not feel that it was more a case of Granada Knutsford running the Willow Room in Glasgow since the revamp?

Bizarrely it was Granada Services Knutsford that I was thinking of when I wrote it!

I agree that a fully restored Bewleys would be great with proper levels and rooms (could make an excellent venue on the upper floors for the ladies that Lunch in that area instead of Fitzers etc for the BT crowd) open a decent mid price restaurant in the great hall (with waitress service). Restore the Mezzanine area to what it used to be (a place for an excellent breakfast or afternoon tea served by friendly waiting staff) and reopen the basement cafe as the place to hang out for hours reading books.

All with proper food and proper coffee

And as one who works in the world of Branding – Campbells should lose the right to the Bewleys name. All they did was asset strip it.


Bewleys to rename itself as “Bewleys Oriental Cafe – nothing to do with campbell catering and their mass produced cack – but the proper Bewleys, you know the proper one James Joyce went to!” to use the full title 😉

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