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Saw too on the paper that Mother Redcaps will be facing the demolition balls soon after it was sold for 11 million euro. Appartments are planned. Pity, as it has to be one of the last old survivng buildings in the area off High Street. An Taisce are very quiet about it too with it’s Tailors Hall HQ just around the corner. This whole area was once a surface level car park after all its historical building stock was demolished for road widening, aka dual carriageway. It has witnessed rejuvenation in the past few years but pity the new developments comprise of a 6 storey mock Dutch gable stye appartment block which looks rediculous. Gas too that the article in the Irish Times Property section describes Mother Redcaps as being in the historic part of Dublin. Its not that historic if all its old building stock is demolished and lost forever.

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