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i’d have to argue kefu, i like the cafe bar deli a lot, but would of course prefer if bewleys was a place you could also go for a coffee and a sticky bun.

I totally agree the utopian solution would have been to re-introduce a Bewleys ethic to the premises operated as Campbells at Bewleys since the 1980’s. Rumour has it that Cafe Bar Deli will be attempting to recreate as much of the Bewleys as possible for much of the premises whilst running a Cafe Bar Deli operation in other sections of the building. Given the scale of the premises I very much doubt if Cafe Bar Deli could fill a premises that size purely as a Cafe Bar Deli.

Either way I would be very surprised if the savvy business people behind their successful chain will make such a pigs ear of it as Campbells managed to do.

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