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I’ve seen some closer-up photos of those stone dockside warehouses – they were very nice. I’d say the curved streetscape views with the dark limestone of the warehouses and the red brick of the Georgian houses were rather good šŸ™‚ . Still, the Beresford Place facade of Bus Aras does at least provide a Georgian-scale Portland stone-clad wall so as to maintain the the line of the Place and respect the Custom Hse & brick houses at Nos. 1-5 materials wise. I suppose that’s why it’s such a great building; it manages to do those things and still be utterly 20th century.

Regarding the continuation of Beresford Pl around to the river, I suppose it was just too irresistable from a traffic-planning point of view not to make a full semi-circle road behind the Custom House and build a new bridge over the river, thus turning the Custom Hse into a traffic island – such was the prevailing climate šŸ™ .

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