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PTb ,thats your opinion but , its like me thinking lets me see if i can pick out something that is awful about Cork?, you are been are narrow minded ,
for feck sake just because Cork is in the limlight…….. you swear cork never had pimple?

Every town and city in Ireland has its own style faults…..
you com across as Doube Dutch….
quite frankly cork is no better than any city in Ireland ,
if thats what you think of limerick maybe you werent been a bit open minded and understanding the word positivity?
rethink you views!
Limerick is a fine city with good and bad

It dosnt need money pumped into the city from the governmet to build cork airpot neither does it need to be the European capital culture and all his hype for cork.
cork has nice archtecture too, so does Limerick!
but i think its unfair to say stuff like that about lmerick when you put your statment across as if you haven’t a clue about limerick.

Grid patterns streets works very well in ciies by the way! Not all of Limerick is grid patter either!
also limerick has a medieval part and irishtown section and englishtown area
it has many mueseams and art galeries of its own!
There were many fantastic buildings in limerick in the early twentirth century which are sadly lost. especailly on O’connels street

What are the georgian builidings in Dublin like wavy? the,same kind of buildings in limerick
not a very clever description of limerick that you described….

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