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@DOC wrote:

Your thoughts or advice?
The question – could it be considered an exempted development – given the fact that it is an apratment? If it was a house – there would be no problem – wouldn’t think twice (all other issues considered). The exempted devlopment regulations refer soley to houses? And I am assuming that an apartment does not come under the definition of a house?

Might it be worth seeking a declaration on this or is more clear cut/black and white than I am imagining – i.e. that it probably is not an exempted development and planning permission is required?

Any views or similar experiences on attic conversions would be greatly apprecaited.

Many of today’s homes are built without a livable attic space. Unfortunately, this type of home overlooks a terrific way to add livable space to your home when it is needed. There are several things that must be considered when you convert an attic into a livable part of your home. Does your attic have an easy access point? Is the ceiling tall enough? Is there already wiring present?
These are only a few of the areas that one should look at when determining if your attic is ready to convert.Imagine what a great feeling it will be when your attic conversion is finished. You will have a great addition to your home and it will really increase the value of your property, as well.

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