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@parka wrote:

Seeing as it was already done in Arnotts, other stores will all want an architect on call clinic.

Not to sound like a moan, but why is the architecture profession always offering a free consultation service.

Fair enough giving money to charity is good, but I get the impression the public expect our free services throughout the whole design process too.

Thanks for your comment parka. I hear what you’re saying about the free consultation service, but as far as I can remember architects and lots of other professions have always given at least a free first consultation with potential clients. After all, not everyone who has a consultation ends up doing work. However, the problem most professionals are having these days is actually meeting potential clients in the first place. So, with that, if there was a chance that you could speak to 10 potential new clients in one afternoon, would you not go for it? Let’s face it, it’s the same reason that architects sign up to do the ideal home show etc.

Maybe the solution is to split the fee between the architect and the charity. That way it would at least cover the architect’s cost of travel etc.

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