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I’d rather be on the dole than have to deal with someone who wants something for nothing in some crappy department store. really – have we no self respect?

Though I’m no architect, I see your point of view.

The department store situation is just as uncongenial to the “client” as it is to the professional
trying to tend them.

Besides, isn’t there already a system of 1 free consultation with an architect at his/her offices
in exchange for a small donation to Simon ?
This system seems to have some possibility of being productive :-

> The architect can set a realistic number of Simon appointments during the week.

> The general nature of the consultation may be described while making the appointment — thereby
allowing fair preparations to be made; or appointments to be rescheduled in good time if needed.

> The peaceful and private setting of the office would afford a lot more engagement than the very
disruptive atmosphere of a busy department store.

> There is more scope for follow-up activity with some clients, hopefully leading to the engagement
of the architect on a paid basis.

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