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@tommyt wrote:

Thought it was interesting what his kids said about their own gaff being freezing cold.

Had to laugh – as he was saying this, in the same shot behind him was a discreet curved radiator installed around the foot of the window πŸ™‚

As expected really, not much of his architecure work was shown given the other aspects of his life. What a great film that he took part in during the war years: ‘I want to join the Irish Republican Arrrrmy’ ‘Oirland is still partitioned don’t you know’ πŸ˜€

The sheer quality of Bus&#225][/IMG]
(anyone think Scott looks remarkably like Larry Gogan in many images?)

As for Carrolls trace, I don’t have any current pics as it is difficult to access on the main road, but this taken last year shows what the entire site now looks like – at the time this was the only part of the boundary that was reasonably clear of shrubbery.

It had reached about ten feet in some places, but mostly was around four/five feet.

The ditch that surrounds it, almost like a 20th century ha-ha, has been fully cleared of all this junk:

…and the lawns now sweep up to the road as originally intended πŸ™‚

Not sure if the pool around Froemmel’s sculpture is filled or not though.

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