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On the general question of this thread, I’ve always taken it that the symmetrical drawing of Arnotts posted above from A Companion Guide to Architecture in Ireland 1837-1921 (and also appearing in Lost Dublin) – with one big central tower and two smaller terminating ones – is what was built.

So, having believed for some time that what stands today is the original building minus its towers – removed in 1949 – I was aghast to notice, when walking down Henry St. the other day, that one of the terminating bays (the one nearest Liffey St.) is missing 😮 – instead the ’60s building begins (I know earlier posters refer to the fact that one of the towers which appear in the longer façade on the Arnotts bag (if this facade ever existed) would have been roundabout here as well).

Since the building doesn’t have its 3 towers anymore, the slightly-projecting terminating bays are important to the composition, so it’s quite gobsmacking that one of them isn’t there….

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