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@Graham Hickey wrote:

I can now confirm for definite, as was suggested earlier by some, that this is what what built at the turn of the last century:

A central tower flanked by two smaller terminating pavillions.

The IAA has a picture of Henry St prior to 1916 clearly showing the building above in all its glory, with the now-demolished right-hand tower standing in the distance.

Are you sure Graham? I presume this is the photo you refer to (below), which you posted in the other thread. I can see something which might be the domed roof of the now-demolished tower … but then again it mightn’t …

The possibility was suggested earlier in the thread that the western tower could have been demolished at the time the ’60s curtain wall bit was built. The picture above (from Lost Dublin) is a view from the top of the pillar in probably the ’30s or ’40s (certainly before the ’60s bit was built). The western tower does not appear to be present – at least there’s no sign of its domed roof, and I think it would be visible from this point, all things considered. (What might appear at first glance to be the top its domed roof is actually just one of four finials at the base of the central tower’s roof.)

I’m still not satisfied the west tower was ever built – arrgh!!

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