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If the “architect” is a member of a professional contact their ethics/professional conduct committee. Most of the organisations RIAI, IEI etc. have one. They will map out the proper course of action.

Document everything, including the truculent behaviour.

If is a communication issue, get another representative from his/her office to manage the project.

If he/she is a junior in an office (i.e. not director or principal) speak to the director or principal).

Engage in crisis management techniques, talk the problem out, put all the cards on the table, re-confirm the objective, i.e. completion of project, performance criteria (properly specified by either party), talk about what is tangible not what is aspiration or hope.

Seek timelines and written targets for simple things like production of drawings, images, specifications, etc.

Avoid adversarial processes if possible such as law courts. They tend not to solve the problem, merely make it more expensive (last resort).

Most of the institutes (RIAI and IEI) have arbitration procedures, which are a simpler form of last resort conflict resolution.

Regardless of the above in this day and age there is no excuse for any architect (assuming the information is correct) of treating anybody, especially a client in this manner. Mind you that goes for Doctors, Police, Politicians etc. I’ll stop before I get too depressed.

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