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Percentages can vary greatly depending on the size of the project but just from the term “extension”, 10% sounds about about right.
It should however be broken into 3 stages of of 33% each for:
1. Design and Applying for Planning, 2. Working Drawings and 3. Overseeing/Signing off etc.
From the information you have given, it is arguable that it was neither designed, nor (it seems) were working drawings done – in which case 3% of the total (plus something extra for the survey depending on size – e.g €500-€1000) would seem to be the correct amount payable.
However if the project was so small that it did not require Planning, then the percentage rules generally wouldn’t apply – one would usually charge a fixed fee of say €1500-€4000.

To avoid bringing it to a lawyer, first of all get as many facts about percentages etc. – possibly send a query to the RIAI at , also there is a Competition Authority Report on some fee structures for architects (though probably not too much help) .
Certain other bodies also have guidelines – the Dept. of Education has guidelines for payments for the various stages that an architect completes as well, you might be able to access a report on-line.

When you’ve got as much info as possible, you can threaten the guy properly.

Best of luck .

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