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Thanks for the reply, Paul.
It was in Ireland, in the last year. I have to ask my partner, but almost certain that there was no written contract. AS matters stand, there is no intention to go down the legal route if that can be avoided. He hopes to be able to resolve the matter with the architect directly and wants to know what is fair and reasonable as per industry standards. The architect was recommended to him by a friend whose opinion was valued at the time. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that the architect was terribly concerned with the project or exerting himself in any way for his fee.

Again as an aside, another participant here was advised to speak to pals and family and find an architect that way. Looking at the appalling job done in this case I’m most concerned about my own situation. I expect I’ll be told to ask the right questions and caveat emptor! Very difficult when you know zero about the subject matter and curious that no body seems that interested in advising!

I presumed that the RIAI have some regulatory powers. Clearly their facility to arbitrate could only be invoked in the event of an appropriate arbitration clause being included in the contract.

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