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The way this works for unqualified architects is very simple.
The competent authority has offered them a way to be registered.
If they want to be registered they must grasp this offer with both hands.

The competent authority has been deemed as such by an Act of the Oireachtas.
Regardless of what any Senior Counsel may opine, under Irish law what they say goes.
If RIAI register them but their stance is then found to be flawed they would have a good case.

If they aren’t going to take up this offer, this implies they (i) don’t want to be registered, or (ii)tested.
If its the former they are acting arbitrarily and illogically or else they may be willing to give up using the Title.
If its the latter, this suggests (i) they know in themselves they’re not up to it or (ii) they were tested before and failed.

If they want to keep using the Title Architect they must try their best to become registered or they’ll have no locus standii.
The Building Control Act 2007 came into operation on May 1st 2008 and that means next year its coming up to its third anniversary.
Given the recent Priory Hall disaster, IMO the RIAI will need to be seen to exert its authority and unregistered architects are a soft target.

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